Founding Membership FAQ

Founding Membership Information

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Founding Membership FAQ’s

1) How do I join?
Simply request more information or the Membership Application and Agreement via email at or mail your request to Circuit of the Northwest 5205 1st Street Bremerton, WA, 98312. After sending your signed Application and Agreement, wire your Membership Joining Fee Deposit of $10,000 to Regions Bank Membership Escrow Account (wiring instructions will be attached). The remaining balance will be due upon breaking escrow and the start of construction. Other membership inquiries can be answered by calling the membership hotline at 360-209-6825.

2) What are the Fees?
The current Founding Membership Joining Fees are $62,500 and are subject to change.
Annual Dues? Currently $5,000 paid annually.

3) What does that get me? Access to what?
Unlimited access to Circuit of the Northwest luxury private clubhouse that will offer a wide array of amenities such as a founder’s speakeasy bar, spa, sauna, Jacuzzis, exercise room, quiet spaces, meeting and activity rooms, observation lounge and private dining areas. This will be a place where car enthusiasts can keep, show and exercise their vehicles as well as enjoy social time with others who share a passion for performance vehicles, during Club business hours. At least 150 days of exclusive driving time on the racing circuits, including the karting circuit.

4) Guest Access? Fees?
Ten guest passes per month are included in the Founding Membership. No one guest may be a Membership Guest more than 2x per year. Guest fees may be charged.

5) Immediate Family Members?
Receive the same privileges as Founding Members for children/step-children less than 26 yrs old, spouse and significant others. Extended Family Members receive the same access as a Founding Member for a fee.

6) Is the Founding Membership Transferable?
Founding Memberships include a one-time Legacy Transfer, to an adult child, spouse, or significant other with no additional Membership Joining Fee for the new Founding Member. CNW has included a transfer form in their club membership documents and are subject to change.

7) Is the Membership Joining Fee Redeemable?
Yes, Founding Members may transfer their membership back to the Club after the Member is in good standing for 36 months and CNW has maintained 400 memberships. CNW will redeem the Founding Membership at 80% of the lessor of (a) then current initiation fee or (b) the initial Membership Joining Fee.

8) Founding Members Access to Karting Circuit?
Yes. In addition, Founding and Karting Memberships will have unlimited use during normal business hours and according to availability and the Rules and Regulations.

9) How do I get a garage?
Garages will be leased exclusively to Founding and Charter Members based on availability. Founding Members have first priority on the location of their individual garage. There will be the opportunities for Founding Members to do a build-to-suit garage. Garage locations will be selected in accordance with the order in which membership are sold. As an example, a Founding Member who sends in the fifth deposit and a signed Membership Agreement will have the 5th selection of garage location.

10) How much driving time will I receive?
Founding Members will have access to the course at the 150 days of exclusive Member driving time. Exclusive Founding Member driving time will be posted on the CNW online event calendar.

11) What is the construction timeline?
We expect to break ground Fall 2019 and currently expect 18-24 months for construction and a 3rd Quarter 2021 Grand Opening.

12) Are there any Pre-opening Member events?
We will host periodic member events prior to the Grand Opening where you can meet other members, invite Member prospects and check on the progress of construction.

13) Who owns CNW?
Circuit of the Northwest is a private LLC owned by Brian Nilsen. The 232-acre compound is owned by the Port of Bremerton and is leased to CNW for 50 years.

14) How do I purchase merchandise?
The Clubhouse will have a Member Store. In addition, prior to Grand Opening we will let you know via email when the online store is open.

15) Who designed the racing circuit?
World-Class designer Hermann Tilke (

16) Is this the same project as the NASCAR track that was proposed years ago?
No, this project is a multi-use public/private facility operated at the Port of Bremerton. The Port will be developing the current leased land with Aviation-related businesses and the existing Regional Center, where over 100,000 people visit annually. To facilitate this, Circuit of the Northwest will relocate those across Highway 3, to the 232-acre site, in a safe and controlled environment, and will expand new services to over 40 users, including EVOC fire and police training and CNW’s racing operations.
The past NASCAR project was spearheaded by ISC (International Speedway Corp.) proposing a ¾ mile oval track on property nearby.

17) What activities are proposed at the facility and the public benefits?
Concerts, festivals, fundraisers, 10k running races, bicycle racing, mountain bike riding, motorsports track rentals, karting, driving schools, teen driving education, STEM education, Sanctioned racing (3-5 times per year), Navy EVOC training, K-9 training, West Sound EVOC training, Kitsap Transit bus driver certification, motocross, RV parking, car storage, a motorsports country club and much more. A third party market study projects over $50 million in economic impact during the construction and first year of operation providing over 700 jobs.
Kitsap County racing heritage from the 1950’s as Parnelli Jones earned his first win in Bremerton in 1957. Since then Bremerton has kept its racing heritage for decades. The time has come to break ground and develop one of the Finest Multi-Purpose Tilke designed Private Road course in North America.
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The process is officially underway!

It is anticipated at this time that the schedule for the project will be driven by the membership sales, naming rights, private investors, OEM & Technology partnerships.

The following schedule is proposed at this time:

• KemperLesnik has been selected to manage PR, social media and marketing services for the Circuit of the Northwest.

• Design of the Phase II elements, to include but not limited to, architecture and engineering will be completed by 10/31/2019.

• Ground breaking will occur on 10/18/19 at Port of Bremerton

• CNW’s goal is to obtain 150 Founder Memberships by 2/1/2020.

• Phase III Final Design goal is initiated with the securing of project working capital by 12/31/2019.

• 300 Founder Memberships is to be secured by 3/31/2020.

• Upon signing of 300 Founder memberships, the Circuit of the Northwest will begin the process of securing the financing for the entire $33M construction cost that will be backed by the project assets and sponsorship commitments

• CNW’s goal is to begin overall project construction by 3rd Quarter of 2020

• Opening of the Circuit of the Northwest is proposed to be in the 3rd Quarter of 2021.

Sponsorship commitments will be signed prior to the funding of the project and will be used to help secure the financing but will not be due until the opening of the facility.