Bremerton Raceway

Parnelli Jones

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1950s NASCAR stock-car circuit

Bremerton History is Being Made Again!

Circuit of the Northwest is bring back the tradition of Bremerton racing.

In 2006 the Kitsap Sun wrote:
"Bremerton Made History - by Steven Gardner

We’re a little late in getting this posted but in case you missed it last week, NASCAR has a history here in Kitsap County. The sport’s one and only top-tier race ever in Washington was at the Bremerton Airport site on Aug. 4, 1957.The winner was Parnelli Jones, whose memory of the race is not vivid. Nor are the memories of those who attended."

Parnelli Jones:
Parnelli Jones won his first ever feature at Bremerton. Click Here for a little history from Wikipedia on Racing Legend Parnelli Jones. Before he became an Indy Car racing legend, Parnelli Jones' star rose on the regional NASCAR stock-car circuit in the 1950s. That included what may well have been his first professional victory, in 1957 at a race sited at Bremerton National Airport.

In another article from 2006 the Kitsap Sun wrote this about Parnelli Jones.